And the bombs keep falling

Rage came out around 9:00 pm (was scheduled for 8:50). Encore concluded around 10:15 pm. Slightly disappointed they didn’t play Renegades of Funk (which they did at Coachella), but great show nonetheless. No bleachers for VIP after all. Set list follows:

1. Testify
2. Bulls on Parade
3. People of the Sun
4. Know Your Enemy
5. Vietnow
6. Bullet in the Head
7. Down Rodeo
8. Tire Me
9. Guerilla Radio
10. Calm Like a Bomb
11. Sleep Now in the Fire
12. Wake Up

13. Freedom (Township Rebellion)
14. Killing in the Name

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  • jokah says:

    Forgot to mention that despite the rain/storm forecast, it was sunny and clear for the concert thankfully. Good thing I didn’t buy a poncho as I had planned briefly. It’s quite hot here, even at 80+ degrees. Had to take two showers yesterday after a day of shopping and visiting friends, and I really should have taken a third when I got back from the concert. I read afterwards that several people near the front of the stage were passing out from heat exhaustion. Waiting for a return bus among the sweaty, shirtless herd and slogging through bridge traffic and into Harlem ate up about an hour and a half. In retrospect, walking across the Triborough Bridge probably would have been faster and just as comfortable, even without the bus A/C. Ended up getting back after 1:00 am.

    Feel kinda dumb for not bringing my camera. Not that I would have gotten any good night shots of Rage, but I could have used it to record Zach’s speech during Wake Up. I’m now certain that taking a point-and-shoot camera into a concert is acceptable these days, just nothing professional quality.

    VIP section had an all-access section that I couldn’t get into. I’m now convinced that had I brought my Zaurus (which I had considered earlier), I could have used the Sandisk memory card to gain access. FOOL! Sight lines from the VIP area were pretty decent and uncrowded, but I decided at the last minute to watch from the GA area. No one slammed into me, but I was pretty far back from the stage. Just a lot of pot smell and stinky cigarette smoke. A guy nearby introduced himself to me and seemed impressed that I knew the song lyrics so well.

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