Posada revisited

Venezuela Will Push U.S. to Hand Over Man Tied to Plane Bombing [2009/01/23] A story I’d followed long ago and forgotten until picking up a copy of Churchill’s Roosting Chickens essay recently. Trial was moved to 2011 Jan 11, but rather than facing charges for terrorist activites, Posada is being tried on only immigration charges. Posada revisited


Nuts. Resurfaced (minor compared to past flare-ups) this morning after no issues for at least a month. Not fond of the idea of surgery. Hmmph!

Antivirus Pro scamware

Just knocked this one out myself (anti-virus SW didn’t find it), but I didn’t find much helpful info out there on the variant that affected my laptop. Likely became installed somehow from accessing a web site. Slightly embarrassed to note that I had 49 pending (high priority) Windows updates to apply when this happened… As Antivirus Pro scamware

de Menezes case settled

Britain to Settle Case of Brazilian Shot as ‘Terrorist’. Revisiting an old case. The killing of Mr. de Menezes rocked Scotland Yard — as London’s Metropolitan Police is widely known — and contributed to the forced resignation last year of Sir Ian Blair, Britain’s top police officer. [snip] “The Commissioner would like to take this de Menezes case settled

Dole Food upcoming IPO, recent news

Dole’s value drops by half in 6 years, to $1.2 billion from $2.5 billion. Dole IPO is set for this week with an expected price around $14. Bond trading near/above par recently. Dole Drops Lawsuit Against ‘Bananas!’ Filmmaker

WordPress upgrade

Another (messy) manual upgrade to WordPress (from version 2.7.1 to 2.8.4). Lost track of the number of reinstalls and restores, but I think everything is square, even the configuration in Fantastico. On the plus side, I was forced to free some disk space.

Dole Food IPO

Dole Food to go public in $500M IPO [2009/08/14, Pacific Business News]. Just noticed this morning. Dunno what to make of it.

Bankruptcy and unsecured debt

Southwest submits $170 mln binding bid for Frontier. Interesting to me mostly for the value offered to unsecured creditors. Noted here for future reference. Southwest officials said their deal would give unsecured creditors 12 cents on the dollar, higher than the 8.7 cents per dollar outlined in a bid by Republic.