The joy of dingleberries

Noticed one while I was brushing the little boy this morning.  Wanted to remove it but figured he’d be seriously pissed.  Must have fallen off when he was napping next to me on the sofa.  Never been so happy to find one as I was today.  Funny.  One day I will miss this.  Treasure the The joy of dingleberries

Love less

Thinking about the dream kept me awake for a good half hour or so before  I fell asleep again.  One of the last times I had a powerful dream, I wrote down notes and later discarded them.  What a loss. In the face of love lost, I rediscovered a childhood classmate and found what seemed Love less

Preaching to the choir

Table to Farm. Nice article about eating local, but this quote in particular expresses perfectly my feelings about returning to Texas. While it took the couple a while to come around to coming home, Smithville seems to suit their goals. Justus recalled Eklof’s urging him to consider it: “She said: ‘Look, we can live in Preaching to the choir

Thelma’s Closed By Fire

First, Williams Smokehouse, now this. On a lighter note, the new Grimaldi’s finally opens.

End of another experiment

Over a year has passed since its inception.  Is it too soon for the mid-life crisis to have passed?  My idealism seems to be fading.

Election Day

[Pre-Election Day musings written 11/3.  Perhaps I was concerned about what others would think about my having voted for Nader when I left this post in draft status.  Seems wrong to delete it.  Leaving this in its original, unfinished state.] Hard not to think about the Presidential election this year.  I am constantly having to Election Day

Investing in guns

Was chatting about investments last night, and the topic of gold stocks came up. Thought I had jotted this quote down somewhere else a long time ago. When asked for advice on investing in gold, Scott Burns replied: I wouldn’t buy gold except as insurance against chaos, and if I were worried about chaos, I’d Investing in guns

Paperless statements revisited

What a mess.  Switched to paperless statements for one of my cards, and the email notification promptly ended up buried in my to-do bin.  Due to the sudden death of my desktop and the distraction of Hurricane Ike, I forgot to make payment and was hit with a substantial late fee and finance charge.  Noticed Paperless statements revisited

Terrible terror filled terrified

Man Guilty in Canada Terror Plot. Thought this happened only in the US. Muslim teen gets prison for paintball, doughnuts, and talking smack?! Charges were dropped this year against seven of the defendants. And evidence presented at the first trial suggests that the group was long on inflammatory talk about plots but short on the Terrible terror filled terrified