Telephone town hall

[Didn’t get a chance to ask Congressman Lampson a question tonight so I had to settle for an email message.] I appreciate your taking feedback and questions during tonight’s telephone town hall. Looking at US oil consumption figures for 2007 (courtesy of the DoE), current US oil consumption is estimated at over 20M barrels per Telephone town hall

Nader/Gonzalez 2008

Nader supporters give him $7,000. Looking forward to writing Nader in on the ballot. Yeah, I gave, too, partly because I had a nice poker win the night before… It didn’t matter that he had, as one supporter put it, “a snowball’s chance in hell” of being elected. I have a hard time thinking of Nader/Gonzalez 2008

Immunity for wiretapping telecoms

Congress votes to immunize lawbreaking telecoms, legalize warrantless eavesdropping. Obama votes with the Republicans in favor of immunity for telecom companies that broke wiretapping laws. Even Clinton voted against.

Missiles in Iran

KAL 007 and Iran Air 655: Comparing the Coverage. In light of the recent news coverage of Iranian missile tests, here is an old but nonetheless interesting tidbit I ran across this morning. Twenty years ago, the USS Vincennes shot down a passenger jet (IR655) over the strait of Hormuz, killing 290 people. Why don’t Missiles in Iran

Fading memories

Occasionally, I have to remind myself about this period of post-9/11 insanity because it is easy to forget. Mandatory registration of Middle Eastern men, panic over “fear” boxes, random bag searches at subway stations, and TSA screeners sticking hands inside your underwear. Years later, an unarmed Brazilian is shot to death in a subway car Fading memories

A taste of New York… in Sugar Land?

Construction is still ongoing, but over a year ago, a sign appeared near Cheesecake Factory announcing that Grimaldi’s Pizzeria was coming to First Colony Mall. Having lived within walking distance of the Brooklyn location, I was intrigued but had doubts as to whether it was actually affiliated with the NY original. Not only is it A taste of New York… in Sugar Land?

Better Banking Checking update

Not a major loss (current APY is a meager 0.02%) but worth noting: BEGINNING 6/18/08 CHASE BETTER BANKING CHECKING ACCOUNTS WILL NO LONGER EARN INTEREST.

Bonds in distress

My current fave, rated Caa1 (Moody’s), matures in 2013 with a yield running just over 11%. Just noticed a Continental issue maturing in 2011, rated B3 (one notch higher), yielding close to 20%. Yikes. Can it survive for 3 1/2 years more? I’ve had success with CO in the past, but airlines look like a Bonds in distress


claws uncut cat kneads lap pierces crotch scream so loud WTF?! drew some blood

Clear QAM support for Beyond TV

Help us test the latest beta of Beyond TV. Just happened to notice this today. Snapstream has a beta version of Beyond TV that supports recording via Clear QAM. Finally! And I was ready to dump my Hauppauge tuner card back on Ebay. This is exciting news as the occasional signal outages that occur with Clear QAM support for Beyond TV